i have no reason not to just give up?

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  • i have no reason not to just give up?


Answer #1 | 26/12 2013 13:48
hi there! im 17 to and im guessing your a boy but you could be girl ive been through all the same stuff as you have don't worry about it being an "essay" lol I read all of it ive suffered from depression, self harm and self body image for a few years due to the fact I was In a emotional and sometimes physical abusive relationship which means I get it when you say you've been bullied and stuff so have I and there is a reason to live that girl you're in love with it might feel like its falling apart but honestly you gotta fight for it or find something you love doing such as a hobby or a part time job maybe? you know whats helping me? ive got demi lovatos book (staying strong: 365 days a year) and what it is, is it has quotes and goals in it gives you a reason to live because it gives you a goal everyday and when you achieve it you feel good stay strong please and keep going because im still here and so should you ive been there with that feeling or not wanting to wake up wanting to die take away the pain and loneliness worst feeling is being trapped I understand and there is many other people out there who do to (see im writing an essay now) trust me you keep going ill be proud of you and im here your here we are all fighting this talk to someone I never did i just looked up to demi lovato and find out there are people out there who feel like theres nothing to live for there is! please carry on stay strong, your still standing so your still fighting just keep swimming friend :D x
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