i have never eaten at a restaurant before and im 22 years old is that normal?

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  • i have never eaten at a restaurant before and im 22 years old is that normal?


Answer #1 | 25/08 2013 20:28
This is not normal. Everyone has eaten at restaurants. Go eat at a restaurant. They have tasty foods.
Answer #2 | 25/08 2013 21:09
No, not that there is anything wring with that.
Answer #3 | 25/08 2013 20:58
Answer #4 | 25/08 2013 20:44
I can't say it's NOT NORMAL, but I'd definitely say that 99.999% of people have eaten at a restaurant by age 12. The fact that you haven't by age 22 doesn't mean anything, but you should definitely spend those few extra bucks just to try it out. You may be surprised at how good the food is and what could possibly go wrong?
Answer #5 | 25/08 2013 21:20
Yeah. It just means that your parents were good cooks lol! :) But definitely try it before you die, it's nice to eat a good meal without having to make it.
Answer #6 | 25/08 2013 21:22
No but that's probably good. It's really easy to spend too much money on eating out, and the food is usually bad for you.
Answer #7 | 26/08 2013 08:57
I find that odd. Do you live with your parents or are you on your own?
Answer #8 | 26/08 2013 07:02
Never even been to a McDonald's as a kid? Never once walked into a Pizza Hut? Never been on a date? No this is not normal since the average American dines out at least 4-5 times a week. I find that so odd that it's almost disturbing.
Answer #9 | 26/08 2013 05:17
Yes, that is very odd, Did you grow up in a cult or something.
Answer #10 | 25/08 2013 23:17
Yea its normal there are some ppl who dont go out to eat they rather eat at home or order something, i feel you on that even doe i had eaten out several times.

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