I have extremely poor credit. how can I get a loan? I have serious medical problems and need help with bills?

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  • I have extremely poor credit. how can I get a loan? I have serious medical problems and need help with bills?


Anonymous662288 | 18/10 2020 23:47
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Answer #4 | 19/08 2014 10:12
there are no loans out there for people with poor credit. And you didn't say what the medical problems are and I guess we can assume they are ongoing. If you have a super large stack of medical bills you can go bankrupt. And you can also find groups in your own area that can provide to you assistance with the medical appointments at an amount based on your income. Or you can just let those medical bills pile up so high that you do a Chapter 7. If you're working then perhaps you have medical insurance you can use. Go on welfare and ask the county to help you. Or ask an SS attorney if that could be considered a temporary disability and maybe you could get medicare or medicaid.
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Answer #6 | 19/08 2014 07:54
You can't/
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Answer #9 | 19/08 2014 08:17
You can't take loan due to poor credit but certainly you can increase by asking local community to help you raise funds.
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Anonymous57167 | 19/03 2019 22:17
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Answer #17 | 19/08 2014 10:38
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Answer #18 | 19/08 2014 07:46
Extremely poor credit means you don't repay your credit obligations. The chances of finding someone willing to take a chance on you and not getting stiffed is low.
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