I have been on the same pay for one yr. Its salary, but not much above minimum wage.?

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  • I have been on the same pay for one yr. Its salary, but not much above minimum wage.?


Answer #1 | 06/11 2009 16:04
You have told us nothing specific about your job lol Whats your hours? Current wage? How long have you been there?..
Answer #2 | 06/11 2009 16:05
the way things are you are lucky you have a job! I would expect thats what my boss would say if I asked her for a pay rise! I guess though there is no harm in asking!
Answer #3 | 06/11 2009 16:47
Unless you are in a union which supports a pay increase, you are stuffed. In this current credit crunch, most employers, simply cannot afford to give pay increases.It's not through choice, but the needs of the business. As you are salaried( a certain payment for one year of work), it's highly unlikely that you will be able to negotiate any huge increase. Perhaps you could "swing" a decent discount for yourself and any family members dining at the resturaunt. This is probably the best that you can hope for at the moment. You should be very proud that you have managed to keep your job for a year, when there are so many lazy eejits who just cannot be bothered to even try to get some kind of work. At some point, the economy is bound to pick up and that's when you should make your move for a pay increase..
Answer #4 | 06/11 2009 18:25
Doesnt hurt to ask NEVER HURTS TO ASK. if you know your worth it and u know they cant do without your good performance, take it to the table. even if its 10 cents. thats 10 cents u didnt have...
Answer #5 | 10/11 2009 15:23
Its highly unlikely you would get a pay rise, you are lucky to have not gotten a pay deduction considering that the rest of the country has taken an average pay cut. Since the country is experiencing 5% deflation that is effectively a 5% pay increase for you if your pay remains the same.
Answer #6 | 10/11 2009 02:41
If, as you say, profits are not too good, precisely where is a pay rise going to come from?

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