I have been doing pointe for 3 years and I want to improve my turns en pointe?

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  • I have been doing pointe for 3 years and I want to improve my turns en pointe?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 12:46
Many people blame bad turns for there shoes or what type floor they have, but it has always been their body. You need to learn how to hold yourself upright and find your balance. A good way of practicing your balance tech. is to go flat foot on the ground and posse, don't bend your bottom leg. then, once you find your balance, slowly, grab your leg and try to keep your back straight and upright as possible. lift your leg to the side and hold it. work on lifting your body up by pushing your shoulders down as far as you can, and you will feel your shoulder muscles stretch. automatically it will make you look like you have a long neck. never try to life your neck to the ceiling , the point is to try to push your feet into the ground ,not lift them off. It's very hard to explain thing like this without showing you or going into much detail, so I try as hard as I can. Though I'm not in pointe, this works for every turn. the last answer was wrong. what you can do on flats, you cant always do on pointe because you have to have a good force- arch., also if you want to go on ur toes for a turn in pointe, you have to have your leg straight, and if you don't have a force arch, your leg wont be straight and you can fall out of your turn. anyway I hope this helps.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 17:39
Keep practicing and push yourself to do more turns. And don't be scared of the turns! Even if you go into them with the littlest apprehension towards it you won't do as well as you could do. Believe in yourself that you can do more turns and it will happen. In your head maybe try chanting like " I can do this, I'm not going to fall" etc. so the mental battle is one thing that can limit your turns. What I already mentioned above might help with that. Now for the physical part of the turns, make sure you can balance en pointe for a long time. If you can't balance for a long time without the turn then there is most likely no chance of you being able to accomplish more turns while actually turning XD. make sure you pull up too, like there's a string attached to the top of your head and it's keeping you upright, don't slump down while turning or let your chin drop, that's like a guarantee fall out;) if your falling out of the turns try to focus on like were your falling out of the turns, like are you falling backwards, cowards, left right etc. once you identify that focus on doing the opposite. So if your falling backwards try leaning forward slightly while turning and that might help. And here are some personal things that help me too: - when en pointe you don't really need too much momentum to get yourself around, so don't try to put to much force into the turn, focus more in balancing;) - pull your leg up higher as your turn during the fouetté, pirouettes etc -breath out while you turn. Like inhale while you go into prep and slowly exhale as you turn. I don't really know why but when my teacher told me this it actually worked, i went from a quadruple to a 5( I have no idea how to say 5 properly lol). This one kinda works, it works for some but not for others. Give it a try and maybe it will work for you;) Good luck with your turns and just remember to believe in yourself and if you can identify we're your problem is then you can start fixing it:D

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