I have been dating a girl that i met online of about 3 months. Lastweek she brought up the topic of where we w?

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  • I have been dating a girl that i met online of about 3 months. Lastweek she brought up the topic of where we w?


Answer #1 | 24/12 2013 05:18
Dude you have to compromise. If you really love her you would find a way. Here is my suggestion. You both sell your homes and look for something that is convenient for her work and your business. You could find a larger home to fit your business and she could find a home closer to her work. My other suggestion since she is the lower income earner is to find a job closer to you. or the new home you both would be looking at. If she is in love with you she is going to have to give up her friends and family and you the same. Not in the sense of disowning them. Just in the sense that you and your future offspring (family)are going to be your family and her family before marriage is not as important to her as you and her future family. When you said no to moving to her she thought of it as a front where you don't love her a much as she thought. However she is using her emotions and not her head when she thinks that. Call her back and say you missed her and would like to see her again. Do not bring up the topic unless she brings it up. When she does explain to her that for our future family, you would like to provide well for them and moving to you location may = little or no money in that area. So the best it to start looking for a house together that suits both our needs and for our future family (Women love when you say that because it means you are serious about the relationship)
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 20:07
Women just get over dramatic - just be level and talk to her and try to make things cool between you guys - everyone brings baggage so she's probably freaking about something unrelated to actually moving/meeting halfway on that issue.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 20:11
I think she was looking way far ahead of what you had in reality. Just a boy and girlfriend. She was planning the wedding and the house and the children you would have. I know young girls do this, that's normal, But in her case, if she hasn't been married before, she may be worried about her biological clock running out. She isn't seeing the picture of her small home and your larger one. And as to the drive, she's not moving hundreds of miles away. I live in Los Angeles,k and many of my friends and family live way more miles away, that she would face. So you aren't being unreasonable in this case. Maybe she hasn't got over her past trauma, but you aren't him. So far, she's not seeing the truth.She made a mistake before, but what you have going, isn't the same thing. If she can't refocus, then you and she may be out of luck.
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