i have a couple questions to ask you GM mechanics about my 95 Blazer 4.3?

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  • i have a couple questions to ask you GM mechanics about my 95 Blazer 4.3?


Answer #1 | 18/12 2013 09:53
Can't help on computer, but I'd test the FPR the same way I'd test an EGR. I'd apply vacuum and see if it holds vacuum. FPR's are exceedingly simple, but for all I know, ethanol kills them too, especially since you are talking about 1995 parts, pre-ethanol. Even without starting it you should smell gas if it's a leak, the fuel rail is pressurized when you turn the key to run, so there is the same pressure whether it's running or not. Obviously the pressure will eventually bleed off, but that isn't going to be an issue if you smell gas the very first thing. I'd check EVAP and I'd inspect the air cleaner/air cleaner gasket/air cleaner snorkel at the same time.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 05:56
By the sound of it, you have MFI fuel injection. There is a Schrader valve on the fuel rail with a cap on it just like a tire. Take the cap off to see if it is wet under it right after turning the key to "On" then "Off". You might have to replace that valve. Fuel pressure is at it's highest at that point and the valve may leak just enough to get a whiff of it. I don't know what you have on top of your coolant reservoir, but it is not the computer. The computer (PCM) is located behind the glove box. Either way, disconnecting it to flush the reservoir would not be of consequence.

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