I hardly eat!!?!?! Wrona wrong with me?

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  • I hardly eat!!?!?! Wrona wrong with me?


Answer #1 | 02/01 2014 11:42
Chances are it is all in your head. Throw out the weight scale and don't be afraid to eat. Just eat healthy.As in organic foods. Drink plenty of water and remember to eat 3-5x a day. If you don't eat enough you have no energy and get fat(or become bones) if you don't eat often enough then you will get fat/have no energy. Change your mindset to I'm a healthy person I eat daily for energy and health. Go up to the mirror and say that out loud. Tell yourself how happy you are that you can eat and be healthy cause eating makes you healthy, not eating isn't healthy. Your body needs the nutrients, carbs, protein, and even the fats(don't let the fats make you fat BS fool you fats are good for the brain we need them).
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