i got a 1590 on my sat and have a 3.6 gpa can i get into college with these scores?

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  • i got a 1590 on my sat and have a 3.6 gpa can i get into college with these scores?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 05:58
Depends which college.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 06:01
Typically, colleges are only going to ask for the Math and Reading scores on your SAT exam. Some colleges require different scores for different majors (e.g., Business majors need 500+ on SAT math portion). As long as the colleges you're looking to get into aren't Ivy League schools, I would say that you could get in, but most likely not with too many scholarships. However, you may still be able to test out of several beginner math/reading courses at the college level which would be a huge time-saver. Most colleges will have standard scores posted on their websites. Regarding scholarships, look everywhere on campus and off campus. I thought I was doomed to take out college loans, but the local university foundation had some year-end money to give away, and after proving my academic integrity, they gladly awarded me a generous scholarship.
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 06:15
look up the requirements for the colleges you want to go to. ex. Harvard generally accepts students between 3.5 and 4.0 gpa and usually at least 1500 SAT score. so i think you'll get into a decent college. and also, for scholarships, it really depends on the college. Harvard & Princeton won't even over scholarships but need-based aid. but if you want an idea, usually, scholarships are given to students with over 3.0 gpa, top ones, more like 3.5 (the reason why Harvard and Princeton don't do scholarships is because of the students who already have nearly 4.0 wouldn't be very intelligent to do merit-based stuff)... good luck with everything! you'll definitely get into a decent college:)
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 06:16
Yeah, you can get into a decent college! But, retake it! 400 in writing is quite below the national average. It is at the 30th percentile.
Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 07:46
You can get into many Mid-Tier Universities with those grades and scores. Buy an SAT Study Guide.
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