I feel constantly ugly, and I'm 17?

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  • I feel constantly ugly, and I'm 17?


Answer #1 | 05/01 2014 12:51
Dude, you're 17. Feeling ugly and fat especially in highschool is normal, even the most prettiest girls have their insecurities. Trust me you'll get over it. But Keeping in shape and eating right will help with your body image but my advice is when you look in the mirror don't do so for more than a minute, just make sure your hair is in place and nothing like food is on it and then just leave ! Dont even think about it ! The more you stand in front a mirror the more you pick and prode at yourself and the worse you will feel ! I never thought I was pretty in highschool, I only ever had one boyfriend and it didnt even last long and guys never seemed to give me a second glance. But now that I'm out everything changes, your body will also change. That rounded chin later in life might just turn out to be one of your best features :) So keep it up !
Answer #2 | 05/01 2014 13:01
It sounds like you already are making healthy changes so you will be happier soon. Love yourself and be your own best friend. If you don't like yourself, then how do you expect someone else to like you? Look in the mirror. Notice the good things. Notice the flaws. Decide to embrace all of them though, and decide that they are what they are and you are beautiful. Anyone can love you, as long as you are good to them. They will find you beautiful if they love you. Very few people die alone because of their looks.. Being insecure at your age is normal. Just keep exercising and cutting back on those processed foods. You'll be happy in no time
Answer #3 | 05/01 2014 13:11
i dont know how you feel excactly, cuz i never felt that way but i hope this helps. aboui t spots and pimples there are a lot of ways to lessen them like creams i think u can check em out online or do home remedies like this: . about your body hear this you will never feel satisfied if you dont change your thoughts about yourself, i mean look at all those people with plastic surgeries do they look happy with what they have? are they satisfied?. how to feel good in your own skin? well i feel good in mine because i know that am priceless, i love what i have because a lot of people dont and dont compare yourself i know u have heard that tons of times but really dont. i never did by the way. you cant be perfect no one is, if you see perfection in someone then remember that no one is perfect. just chill and live the life thats given to you learn about yourself listen to your body and heart. got to feel priceless sometimes look at yourself in a positives way and love yourself got to love yourself a loot. if you want people to love/like/be interested in you will make em realize that your love for yourself is unconditional make em think your a one of a kind but that has to be you the way you think about you it will work. think positive about you love yourself and what you have cuz not everyone has it.
Answer #4 | 06/01 2014 15:49
You have to learn to accept yourself and love who you are. Honestly, one day you will learn to accept yourself. Be greatful for your health.

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