I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere?

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  • I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 20:14
In my opinion, the only dead end job is the one in which you aren't learning or growing as a professional or business person. No knowledge ever goes wasted. For example I'm in sales myself now, but was a professional jazz musician for years, I can't tell you how the ability to improvise on the spot has helped me in sales from two seemingly different disciplines. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you a stimulated in what you are doing. As for the job itself, you never know. You might end up meeting someone through it that takes you to an even better position with another company, or you might be made a partner in this one. But you also have to look at the management/owners and determine if you feel they are progressive/smart enough to grow the business. Because if they aren't, sticking around makes no sense no matter how you look at it.
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