I can't lose weight with hypothyroidism?

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  • I can't lose weight with hypothyroidism?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 20:26
are you on medication?
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Answer #2 | 28/12 2013 20:27
check your temperature if it's below 98 you are probably hypothyroid , go to wilson's temperature syndrome , the thyroid hormones they mention there will help you lose weight
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Answer #3 | 28/12 2013 20:53
This post is confusing to me. If I was asked to come up with a list of the easiest to treat conditions, hypothyroidism would be in the top 5. All it requires is a dose of Synthroid/Levoxyl (snythetic thyroid hormone, costs about $5 for months supply through prescription) to replace the hormone which your thyroid is not producing. Why are you not taking your synthetic hormone? If your levels aren't bad enough where your doctor did not put you on replacement thyroid hormone therapy, then there is no way you are gaining weight from this, because only severe hypothyroidism leads to weight gain, and the gain is usually only a few pounds, most of which is typically water weight. Most likely this is due to a combination of taking in more calories than you're burning off and not doing enough cardio. Keeping weight off gets much harder with age, especially after the early 20's. Good luck! (edit: Harley Drive, that is completely erroneous information regarding temperature)
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