i can't forget him.. help?

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  • i can't forget him.. help?


Answer #1 | 24/06 2009 21:02
Baby please walk away. I have 3 grown daughters 18 24 25 First of all hold ur head high . Respect your body & soul . We all feel and get hurt in life . I'm 52 ,separated 16 yrs . Just ended a 10 yr relation, & now live alone without any one to love for the last 3 years. You gotta get over it and move on. Trust me you have to . If in need of more advice call me @ 609 381 2356 9 am till 11 pm
Answer #2 | 24/06 2009 23:51
why is this in the dining out category? anyway, look for another work
Answer #3 | 25/06 2009 00:27
haha, that first answerer answered this for the sake of points. if i were you, you should have asked this in other categories. if i want to forget something, i dedicate myself in serving others and joining religious groups. that is what i did when i had problems when i was a teenager, instead of weeping for my losses in life, i just moved on and try to be closer to God. hope this helps.
Answer #4 | 25/06 2009 11:30
If he's still together with his girlfriend, respect their relationship. Remember Karma! Try to avoid getting more closer to him because it will make you more crazy and it would be more painful if you continue this "relationship" with him. I know how it feels to be in your shoes because i've been through that experience. Before you avoid him, tell him what you feel about him, maybe he feels the same. But can she leave his girlfriend for you?????
Answer #5 | 25/06 2009 17:43
You are fooling yourself into thinking you have a relationship with this bozo. Wake up to reality. Kick him to the curb and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

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