i believe that equal rights are wrong..?

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  • i believe that equal rights are wrong..?


Answer #1 | 02/05 2012 14:06
Can you give me one good, strong valid reason why not?
Answer #2 | 02/05 2012 14:10
Well if you're male you can always wear a skirt, we won't object...
Answer #3 | 02/05 2012 14:08
Either this is a troll... or you're a idiot -_-
Answer #4 | 02/05 2012 14:08
Men do not deserve to wear women's clothing! ;-) Think about it!
Answer #5 | 02/05 2012 14:54
well other than women staying in the kitchen iv got nothing for you..... yeah i guess ur right!
Answer #6 | 02/05 2012 15:51
Of course your right.... it's our cloths and they should not be able to prance around and disgrace us. Were not running around in their cloths, so they shouldn't be in ours.
Answer #7 | 03/05 2012 00:29
So, in accordance to this, we must now do without all the woman doctors, (They are in the majority!), the woman who drive even the Transport for London buses, the Underground trains, thE ones that are employed in security, the Armed forces... I must tell my good friend, a woman architect, who gave me this laptop, that she must now stay at home and do nothing, in order that she should starve... OH NO YOU DONT.
Answer #8 | 05/05 2012 02:56
Clothes do not make the man or woman. If they fit, you must be right.
Answer #9 | 02/05 2012 20:38

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