I am taking my girlfriend to Milan for her bday. Where can i take her that is special but not over the top?

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  • I am taking my girlfriend to Milan for her bday. Where can i take her that is special but not over the top?


Answer #1 | 19/09 2007 08:11
tell her you are going to take her to the most famous resturant in the world and she will get all xcited then drive her to mcdonalds, i did that to my girlfriend and she laughed so much
Answer #2 | 19/09 2007 11:23
hi fantakid... i'm from milan! i know a lot of beautiful placese where you can take her! firstly, i suggest you should visit you might don't know italian (or do you?), but you can chose the english language! there you can find very nice pubs, restaurants and so on... you can watch pictures of them and read people's thoughts about them all. anyways, you should visit the cathedral (duomo), the castle (castello sforzesco), the last dinner by leonardo da vinci... the gallery, the soccer stadium... and obviously, all the great shops and boutiques. there are so many place that i can't remember 'em! i love my city and i think you're doing such a wonderful present to your girlfriend! my favourite restaurant is named "pane e acqua" (14, matteo bandello rd. - phone: +39 439 86 316)... it's better to book it in advance, because it's very little and always crowded! tipical italian food (100 euros for couple wine included!). all the best!
Answer #3 | 19/09 2007 13:02
i'm Italian, show her the Duomo. For the restaurant, mmm, more restaurant in milano are very good, but if u don't want spend ( or To spend? I don't know) much money, don't take her in a restaurant near the Duomo, they are very expensive! Ciao ciao, spero che con la tua ragazza vada tutto bene ( i'v told i hope that with your girlfriend all go well in milan and that you enjoy yourselfs)
Answer #4 | 24/09 2007 01:55
try here my favorite restaurant
Answer #5 | 25/09 2007 15:56
Dude... you're taking her to MILAN!!! I think anywhere you go will be good. :) Good job!
Answer #6 | 25/09 2007 11:24
You are going to Italy...and they do have the best pizza ever. I rarely eat pizza in New York, but every time I am in Italy I cannot get enough of it. I think what would be very romantic is if you find the traditional food of the region of Lombardia ( I am attaching a website you can search for that info), buy it a restaurant, get some wine, and you can take her on a picnic. I think that would definitely be far more romantic than taking her to a restaurant. My fiance took me to Paris for my birthday this year. We went to a really, really, really nice restaurant there and it was fun. But the next day we were walking around and decided to have a picnic in the park. I thought that was far more romantic and nice than the super fancy restaurant we had gone to the night before. P.S. Go to Duane Reade or CVS to buy something to sit on during the picnic. Have a blast! And you're a really nice guy. She's lucky to have you. :)

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