I am getting a laptop and wifi, help?

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  • I am getting a laptop and wifi, help?


Answer #1 | 29/12 2013 06:11
first off,dont buy a windows 8 laptop. windows 8 has been out for a long time(over a year) and windows 7 is still growing faster than windows 8. any laptop will work for your grand daughters needs. so I am gonna recommend this one. just use the default choices, it will be fine. as for wireless networking,you need to order internet service but you also need a router. I think for the most part all internet providers will either rent or sell you a modem,but you also ned a router. a router allows more that one computer to use the internet wirlessly at the same time. so first you have to get wireless ervice, then figure out exactly which equipment you need. as for the play staton network, you need wireless service.once that is set up, your grandson would know how to set the metwork up through the playstation. contact me if you need more help. [email protected]

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