I am Brazilian. You like it Brazil?

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  • I am Brazilian. You like it Brazil?


Answer #1 | 27/09 2006 21:44
no..thank you.
Answer #2 | 27/09 2006 21:50
Yep, it seems like a really nice place. I wouldn't mind visiting there, and I hate to travel. I love what Brazil has done to cut out use of petroleum. Ethanol pioneers!!! Go Brazil!
Answer #3 | 27/09 2006 21:47
Awesome! I have never been to Brazil but I plan to visit one day. What is fun there to do?
Answer #4 | 27/09 2006 21:45
I have had limited exposure to Brazilians, so I know next to nothing of them
Answer #5 | 27/09 2006 21:45
I like Brazilian women! Some of the loveliest in the world!
Answer #6 | 27/09 2006 21:51
Love Brazilian women!!!!!!
Answer #7 | 27/09 2006 21:53
I have never been to Brazil, but I will go some day. I have been told by people that have been there, that the women are beautiful and very feminine. One thing I absolutely know about Brazil is that the music is great!
Answer #8 | 28/09 2006 03:09
There are a good amount of Brazilians in Utah. I went to this restaurant there and it was awesome. they came around with big skewers of meat and cut chunks off onto your plate. It was different, I liked it. I was so full when I left!
Answer #9 | 28/09 2006 00:30
mmmmmmmm,of course I like it!
Answer #10 | 27/09 2006 23:19
like texan guys?
Answer #11 | 27/09 2006 23:00
It is a great country , lots to do!! I have met several people who are Brazilian and Wow lots to bring to the party! Great fun!

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