How would you explain mgtow to your sons?

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  • How would you explain mgtow to your sons?


Anonymous258981 | 21/08 2017 02:29
I wouldn't explain it at all because this is the USA , not some third world country complete with superstitions and ridiculous religions.
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Answer #2 | 06/06 2017 02:07
I think if a father was explaining mgtow to his sons, it's because his wife and their mother threw him out of the house and took everything. The father ends up with secondary custody and can only see his own children periodically. He must pay for his own lodgings elsewhere, hand over regular maintenance and possibly alimony, she gets the house and all contents, yet the poor father ends up with nothing. I could imagine those men feeling very resentful. The sons will also see what went on and might even wonder why their parents ever got married. The father would explain that they used to love and adore each other, but things changed. When the sons consider how many friend's fathers this exact same circumstance happened to, then they might easily begin wondering if marriage is a good idea at all.
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Answer #3 | 06/06 2017 02:06
Describe it, describe radical feminism, describe a gynocentric society, and give my opinion that all are wrong, but all have some things to consider and understand so we can better evaluate what we should be talking about in hopes of making needed changes.
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Answer #4 | 06/06 2017 01:51
I would say mgtow are a group of men who think men have been persecuted by society just as feminism is a group of women who think they have been persecuted by society. They are two sides of the same coin.
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Answer #5 | 06/06 2017 02:24
Misogynists Getting Thrown Out by Women. Bitter woman hating losers that are expelled from civilized society, who pretend it was their choice. LOL!
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Answer #6 | 06/06 2017 02:32
Some men are so biased against women they have to hide from them.
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Answer #7 | 06/06 2017 02:24
I would avoid explaining it to my sons, because I know I have biases that would affect how I describe it. Instead, I would suggest that they Google it and look it up on YouTube, so they can decide for themselves what it's about.
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Anonymous258981 | 21/08 2017 02:32
America has its own law. Foreign law does not apply here.
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