How will you know if you're done loving someone?

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  • How will you know if you're done loving someone?


Answer #1 | 10/02 2014 05:00
this is all about your feelings, if you really thinks that you love him.
Answer #2 | 10/02 2014 04:33
You'll know, if you think you don't love them, but there's something still there, you still love them, but when you just give up, stop thinking of them, don't care if they contact you or anything like that, then that's it
Answer #3 | 11/02 2014 05:56
When you've chosen to not love them. Love is a choice, it isn't involuntary. The involuntary part of a relationship is only attraction, it's what brings two people together initially but doesn't last in a relationship. They need to choose to develop real love if they want the relationship to continue. If they don't, there is no point in continuing the relationship. If you are just in it because you are attracted then you are in it for selfish reasons.

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