How/why does the human heart fluctuate as a person's activity level changes?

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  • How/why does the human heart fluctuate as a person's activity level changes?


Answer #1 | 18/01 2014 20:39
The heart pumps more blood because more blood is needed to circulate throughout the body when you are performing strenuous activity. Why is blood needed? Because oxygen is needed. Why is oxygen needed? I don't know.
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Answer #2 | 18/01 2014 20:44
Blood is the nutrient delivery system of the body as well as the conveyor belt for waste. With increased activity, cell respiration increases which means they need to be provided with more not only oxygen but general nutrients as well. They also excrete more waste (any time a fuel is burned or used there is a waste and that waste needs to go somewhere). The circulatory system is the system to do that, it is filtered by organs and enriched by others. That's a simple answer. If you burn more energy, you need to deliver more energy as well as expel more waste. When people get in "better shape" their body becomes more efficient at the entire process (thereby decreasing their maximum heart rate).
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Anonymous551872getlife693 | 11/09 2018 19:04
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Answer #4 | 18/01 2014 20:59
As we switch from rest to activity, demand for oxygen in our body increases. We burn more energy and more oxygen is needed to perform the task. Also we produce more carbon dioxide that has to be removed from our system. As a result our heart rate will go up,resulting in our blood flowing faster through our system thus providing coverage for extra oxygen and removal of increased amounts carbon dioxide from muscle cells. When we go back to rest heart rate will go down back to so called basal heart rate, which is a heart rate of a human while being rested and awake. That value for a healthy person is usually between 60-80 beats per minute.
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TheEXTREMEmeme | 09/11 2017 20:01
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Anonymous927188 | 19/10 2017 22:02
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