How to trigger the town events in rune factory 4?

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  • How to trigger the town events in rune factory 4?


Answer #1 | 28/12 2013 23:41
Town Events are triggered randomly. Some have requirements you must meet before you can see the event but actually getting the event to happen is still pretty random. Basically there is no sure fire way to get any Town Event to activate. Just when you wake up in the morning there is a chance there is a Town Event has either activated or can be activated if you do a certain thing. Until you complete the current event you won't be able to get any other. Here is an explanation on how to complete the Running Sign event. "IN DEPTH WALKTHROUGH OF "THE RUNNING SIGN" Not sure exactly how you "trigger" it, but I believe it "starts after you talked to Dolce a bunch of times. It took me awhile to REALLY trigger it cause I kind of didn't talk to her for a bit. Then, head to the flower shop, and you'll see an arrow pointing at the graffiti you can look at. Soon, Illy, Forte and Amber will be huddled over by the flower shop. Head over there (by the lower right route of the town square) and you'll trigger a scene. I'd talk to all three ladies (although it may not be necessary, but I'd do it just in case) and head straight up to near Porco's shop. It'll trigger a scene with Dolce near the airship. Once it's done, talk to Dolce. Once that's done, let Dolce run around and she'll stop at the Town Square. Promptly head over to where Vishnal, Clorica, and Forte are huddled at (should trigger a scene). Once that's done, wait until you see Dolce on the map move and stop around the general store. Doug and Dylas should be there as well (?). Head right to that path and you'll trigger a scene. Once it's done, head over to Porco's place (where Dolce should be on the map). Talk to her, and then what I did was go into the tower and come back out, and it triggered a scene. Dolce will be by the Bath House now, so go immediately talk to her. Should trigger a scene. Check out the graffiti on the bathhouse wall and talk to Xiao Pai. Head down the south pathway, and talk to Dolce again. Head down to the Clinic, where you should see Forte lurking about. Going near her/the clinic will trigger the next scene. After that, it should be the end of the scene. But I'd talk to Dolce one more time."

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