how to stop being mad at myself for gaining weight?

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  • how to stop being mad at myself for gaining weight?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 15:42
You have to accept yourself for the way that you are, whether that be a size 8, size 12 or whatever size. Regardless of your size now you should be proud of yourself for losing all that weight, that is a major accomplishment. We all gain weight and lose weight, no one is perfect, you're being too hard on yourself. If you want to get back down to a size 8-10 then you should go for it, set that goal for yourself. But lose the weight slowly, eat healthy and exercise in moderation. You are not FAT! And you can look at it this way, you have pretty much stayed the same in a years time as far as weight goes, it could be a lot worse. There is no reason to be depressed or be down on yourself. Be proud of yourself! Only get healthy foods for your house, if you do that, maybe that would help you not want to binge eat, don't buy bad foods. But you have you have to figure out why you binge eat, and you go from one extreme to the next. Maybe some therapy would help. There has to be a reason why you feel this way. And the right guy will love you for you, not what is on the outside. The inside is what matters. I'm sure you're a beautiful girl with a great personality who has a lot to offer, looks are not all that, if a person doesn't have a personality and a mind to go with their looks, then that means all they have is looks and guys want a girl with more then looks, a real guy would at least. Just remember, you're beautiful no matter what size that you're! Be confident, guys love confidence! There is more to you then how much you weigh! Good luck and Merry Christmas! :)

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