How to protect a steel structure from corrosion?

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  • How to protect a steel structure from corrosion?


Answer #1 | 31/05 2017 07:39
Paint it is easiest
Answer #2 | 31/05 2017 08:34
Sacrificial anode.
Answer #3 | 31/05 2017 07:52
Corrosion is the process by which metal degrades in the presence of various oxidizing agents in the environment. One common example of this is the process of rusting, during which iron oxides form in the presence of moisture. Corrosion is a serious problem for the makers of buildings, boats, aircraft, cars, and most other metal products. For instance, when metal is used as part of a bridge, the structural integrity of that metal, which can be compromised by corrosion, is crucial to the safety of the people using the bridge. See Step 1 below to start learning how to protect metals from the threat of corrosion and to know how to slow down the corrosion rate read below
Answer #4 | 31/05 2017 07:40
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