How to Practise Cryokinesis?

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  • How to Practise Cryokinesis?


Answer #1 | 06/01 2014 16:35
Sup man. I am also practising cryokinesis and this is like my third day. I am not doing any copy paste or stuff I just want to show you some exercises for cryokinesis :D If you are a begginer than you will need to meditate for some time like 1 or 2 months before every practise so you can clear up your mind from negative thoughts because they kinda stop the flow of the Ki energy.Because you are dealing with ice which is water in solid state you can also take some energy from the water.This is how you do it:When you take a shower let the water hit the front side of your body and than imagine how the energy from the water goes into your body and into the source of your Ki energy which is found somewhere below the ribs.You are only done when you think so.For your hands to be even more used and immune to the cold you can do this:just take 2 ice cubes 1 in each hand and hold them till they melt.Hold them no matter how much it hurts.You won't get frostburns trust me even if you do they will last for a short period like 1 day.When you hold the ice also try absorbing the cold from the ice into your body.If you liked this post please notify me so i can tell you more about this.I can even learn you to freeze things and to make an invisible ice ball that can turn out candles. ;) Have a nice time practising :D I also practise this way oh and one more thing meditate in cold places and try to get the cold energy surrounding you.

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