How to plant a cedrus (cedar) bonsai from seed ?

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  • How to plant a cedrus (cedar) bonsai from seed ?


Answer #1 | 01/02 2017 17:53
Bonsai cultivation notes Position Full sun. Protect from extremes of temperatures. Watering Cedrus like to be kept on the dry side, use a free draining soil mix. Feeding Every two weeks through growing season. Repotting Cedrus dislike repotting and can drop older needles, but these are soon replaced. Repot carefully every 3 or 4 years in April. Use free-draining mix. Pruning Pinch back new shoots throughout the growing season. Hard prune in Autumn to avoid bleeding. Pruning scars heal very slowly, if removing branches, stubs can be left to Jin. Propagation Sow seed in Spring after 21 days moist pre-chill at 0-1°C. plant in small pot and water thoroughly Pests and diseases Few problems Styling Formal and informal upright forms in single or multiple trunk styles. Medium to extra-large sizes.
Answer #2 | 01/02 2017 22:16
You have a tree seed....not a bonsai seed. Plant the seed in regular soil and water like a tree and it will take a long time for the tree to grow to the size to make a bonsai. The art of making a bonsai is making it out of a small tree or plant.

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