How to order at a restaurant?

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  • How to order at a restaurant?


Answer #1 | 22/07 2013 05:15
Cash is fine. In a usual restaurant once you have finished your meal, you ask for the bill and the waiter will bring it and walk away. You can then put your cash down with the bill and they will take it and bring the change back. Once you have the change, you decide your tip and leave that on the table when you leave. No need to sign anything!
Answer #2 | 22/07 2013 10:48
I leave cash sometimes plus 20% for the tip.
Answer #3 | 22/07 2013 17:34
Everyone has given good advice here, however one thing I like to do is always pay with cash. I just find it makes it so much easier. If you are in a group you can give your share more easily too. It's just me but I find cash much more convenient, others will disagree I suppose. Also remember to be kind and polite to the staff, who have access to your food. Revenge for rudeness, like spoiling your food in VARIOUS ways, is not a myth.

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