How to know if a source (website) is credible and reliable?

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  • How to know if a source (website) is credible and reliable?


Answer #1 | 15/12 2013 16:32
Bad websites for facts: -ones anyone can edit (Wikipedia, etc) -ones anyone posts on (yahoo answers, etc) -ones anyone can create (blogs, etc) -news websites if there's no source/reference that you can check -any website with no source- unless they're claiming it's *their* fact (like an organisation might), in which case there should be info about how the data was collected Good websites for facts: -university websites -organisation websites (.org) -websites that have verifiable sources on their info (including news if they have a source, like say, UNHCR- that's a reliable website so the fact on the news website probably is too) Any of these websites could be good or bad for different purposes. For example, you could use a blog to demonstrate what crazy opinions some people hold about this topic - in that case the blog is a primary source, which is great. But you shouldn't use a blog to prove the 99% of Americans think dogs are better than cats...the blog is not a good source for a "fact" like that.

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