How to kiss?

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  • How to kiss?


Answer #1 | 12/03 2014 08:45
Kissing is mostly about patience. Learn to let your kiss linger. Explore the contours of your partner's mouth. Also, try varying your kisses some. Make some gentle, make some firmer, but always take your time. Use your tongue VERY sparingly. DO NOT just shove your tongue into your partner's mouth. Use your tongue to explore their lips. Finally, pay CLOSE attention to their reaction. If you can see that they don't like something NEVER do it again. BUT, don't do something that they do seem to like over and over again. Variety is best, but SLOWLY. Basically enjoy the experience as much as you can, and your partner will respond likewise.
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Hana2002 | 23/05 2018 04:30
I've had a boyfriend but i have no idea how to kiss!!! We've been dating for about 2 yrs and it was really embarrassing. Please Halp.
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Answer #3 | 12/03 2014 08:41
I used this:
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