How to improve my Pokemon X team?

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  • How to improve my Pokemon X team?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 05:15
really if I were you I would remove heliolisk and put a gible or gabite to become a fearsome garchomp with the moves: protect - poison jab - Dig / earthquake - dragon claw / dragon rush and for a water type I would encourage you to use a vaporeon with: surf - aurora beam / ice beam - acid armor ( because it has a lousy defence stat) - shadow ball (just for a little more ofence) / waterfall ( if you need to explore) please send me some feedback and tell me if I was useful or not
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Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 09:25
I agree with patrick, you should probably get rid of heliolisk. The fact that it can learn Surf is pretty cool, but other than that it's not the best pokemon out there. If you're set on having an electric type, Ampharos is a pretty good one, especially with it's Mega Evolution. A good moveset for him would be Thunderbolt (for STAB), Power Gem, Cotton Guard (huge help when you're hit by Earthquake), and Signal Beam. Magnezone is also a good replacement with the moveset Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Lock-on, and Zap Cannon. As for adding a Water type, Lapras is ok, but I've always found it to have too many weaknesses with its dual Ice type. Best moveset: Ice Beam, Surf, Return (use Pokie Amie to boost the power of this move), and either Body Slam or Psychic, depending on what coverage you need. If you can deal with having a weak Magikarp in your party for a while, Gyarados is the one I would go with. Moveset: Earthquake (its Mold Breaker ability lets it hit pokemon with levitate, which is awesome), Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, and Waterfall.
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