How to grow waist length hair?

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  • How to grow waist length hair?


Answer #1 | 23/07 2014 11:38
Soaking your hair in coconut milk once in a while is really good for your scalp and encourages the roots of your hair to grow fast and healthy :) But make sure to take care of the ends of your hair because once it's damaged, it's damaged and it's going to stay damaged until you cut it :/ Oh yeah and also drink lots of water :) Gd luck
Answer #2 | 23/07 2014 11:27
I always got told when I was younger to 'always eat the crusts on your bread' so that your hair grows longer and stronger! I think the more nutritious food you eat the faster your hAir grows.
Answer #3 | 23/07 2014 11:19
As the others said dont cut it byt to speed up the prosess try taking fish oil vitamins and washing your hair with sloghtly cold water .
Answer #4 | 23/07 2014 11:12
Don't cut it.
Answer #5 | 13/08 2014 16:56
I don't understand all this madness with hair. Gals: Fellas won't care .
Answer #6 | 23/07 2014 11:11
Only one way. Don't cut it till it gets to your waist.

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