How to go about a first date?

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  • How to go about a first date?


Answer #1 | 27/09 2013 17:27
And how soon do those people break up? Go on a first date, see if you like each other enough to want to go on a second, and wait to ask until it feels right. Relationships shouldn't run on clockwork, and those that do eventually fall out of sync and break.
Answer #2 | 27/09 2013 20:17
yeah. it's only one date. wait until at least the third one until you ask her.
Answer #3 | 27/09 2013 18:52
I'm 13 and I have been on a lot of dates. Not date dates but me and my girl just go out and take nice walks. The movie idea sounds good. Afterwards walk her home. As your walking her home hold her hand and ask her if she'd like to be your girlfriend. Don't just ask her that on the first date. That would be just weird. Wait till like 3 or 4 more dates then ask her. Hope this helps. :)
Answer #4 | 27/09 2013 18:04
see how the "date" goes and ask your heart,ITS ALL YOU!
Answer #5 | 27/09 2013 17:30
If the movie date goes well, ask her if she'd like to go out again. But I doubt anyone expects to be girlfriend and boyfriend after just one date.
Answer #6 | 27/09 2013 20:31
Yea I'm 14 too and I still haven't had a boyfriend nor asked one out but if a guy was super shy and I knew that he liked me then I would ask to go some place like the movies or somewhere else fun but if the date went really awesome and if I couldn't stop thinking about him then I'd ask him out Haha this is pretty weird since I haven't even had a boyfriend and I'm typing this but I hope a guy will ask me out and not me to him but Its totally fine and if you feel comfortable and have a lot of common things with her and you can't stop thinking about her then go for it I'm sure she will say yes Good Luck (tell me what happens)
Answer #7 | 27/09 2013 21:30
be yourself !!!
Answer #8 | 27/09 2013 20:32
If you asked her out to the movies and she said "yes", that tells you that she likes the idea of hanging out with you. She may even like you. But you need a confirmation of this before taking the plunge. To find out if you could be boyfriend and girlfriend, you could ask a number of questions that will help you determine if she sees you as "boyfriend material". Here are a few things you can say and if her answers are positive, it is an indication that she likes your company and you should ask her to be your girlfriend, after one or two more dates. Don't ask these questions all at once though. Get to the movies early and while you are talking, get these in to the flow of the conversation. 1) We should do this again sometime, what do you think? 2) Thanks for hanging out with me, I hope you enjoyed yourself like I did? 3) You know, I really enjoy talking to you. 4) I feel at ease when I am around you. You can also look for subtle non-verbal signs from her like light touches when you are talking, blushing, touching or pulling her hair back, listening attentively to what you are saying (even if it is boring) and smiling. These are just a few signs. Anyway, don't rush into anything. If she likes you she will want to go out with you again. In the meantime, be a gentleman, respect her but most of all, be yourself!
Answer #9 | 27/09 2013 19:10
Listen to everybody else. Usually guys don't ask that quick. See how the first date went. If you enjoyed yourself and she did as well ask her out on another date the following week. Go on a couple of more dates and than you can ask her to be your girlfriend. You don't want to scare her off to soon and considering that you're only 14 your still so young. Don't do what other kids do and jump into relationships. You have a heck of a lot of years to go on that so dont you worry.
Answer #10 | 28/09 2013 04:25
go very smartly and try to be fresh and good
Answer #11 | 27/09 2013 23:10
Enjoy your date but don't overthink it and scare her off. How would you feel if you took her out once and she asked if you want to have children? Right. So leave off the labels, and if she wants to go out with you again, let other people worry about what your relationship is called.
Answer #12 | 27/09 2013 23:20
You should see how it goes on the first date and then you should hang out with her more and keep going on dates until you know you like her and want her to be your girlfriend. :)

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