How to get the light from your on camera flash to trigger your 580EX II?

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  • How to get the light from your on camera flash to trigger your 580EX II?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 19:05
As I understand while briefly glancing at the flash specs, the 580EX II is not a slave flash. You will need an optical trigger that attaches to the 580EX II and face your camera at the same time. We called it peanuts then (long time ago).;_ylt=AwrTcYArqLdSMoYAioKJzbkF?p=optical+slave+flash+trigger&fr=yfp-t-900&ei=utf-8&n=60&x=wrt&y=Search
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 02:02
What camera body do you have? The following cameras CANNOT remotely trigger a 580EX II (or any other slave capable Speedlite): Rebel X.. series or the T1, T1i, T2i. in Europe that is the 3 digit EOS series up to the 550D and the 4 digit 1000D and 1100D The first in that series that CAN trigger the flash remotely is the T3i (aka 600D) In the 2 digit series the first that CAN remotely control the flash is the 60D (I think! the 50D may be able to do it but the 40D definitely cannot) If your camera is one of those that can remotely trigger then you set the 580EX II to "Slave mode". Set camera to "Master" mode Set camera and flash to the same channel - you have a choice of 4 - doesn't matter which you use but both must be the same. You can choose the ratio between camera flash and Speedlite - if you want to do that then your camera flash is always in group A, set your Speedlite to group B Experiment! Don't get worried when your camera flash fires even if you say you don't want it to be used for the exposure. The camera flash is used to signal the slave units and will flash immediately prior to the exposure but not during exposure. They are so close together your brain cannot distinguish!! If your camera cannot control Speedlites remotely then you need something like the Canon ST-E2 or another slave capable flashgun (your 580EX can be master or slave). Operation is the same as above.

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