How to get rid of pimples.?

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  • How to get rid of pimples.?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 21:26
Whatever is put into the body through the mouth with either be useful to the body in terms of keeping it alive, or, it will not be useful and the body will need to dispose of it somehow. Therefore: whatever is not nutritious is toxic. The problem with the food supply is that it is full of toxins which if the body does not get rid of them will be harmful to the body. The body gets rid of toxins either through the kidneys and bladder (urination) or through the intestines (defecation) and through the skin (sweating, or eruption of pimples or boils). It is true that in adolescence, the skin seems to have an overabundance of oils which can clog the pours and develop blackheads or pimples, but the volume of what erupts through the skin can be diminished by a carefully chosen diet that eliminates toxicity. Read the label on the food. If the words you read do not sound like food, but rather like something out of a chemistry text, then do not eat that product. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep sugars away from your body (soda, sweetened "foods" that come in boxes and packages that make a lot of noise when you open them, ) and moderate how much dairy products you consume. Drink more water than you usually have been drinking, and make sure it is purified so the chlorine and fluoride is not going into your body. "Spring water" is a good choice among bottled waters. A reverse osmosis water filtering system, good for cooking and drinking, costs about $300 to purchase, and will remove chemicals better than carbon-based filter systems. If you are at an age where your glands are producing an abundance of oil, it is hard to get through that stage without skin issues, but if you keep your diet clean, you'll go a long way toward having healthier skin. If you feel the information I have provided to you here is helpful, would you please comment back to me so that I know? Thanks.

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