How to get rid of Ladybug Phobia?

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  • How to get rid of Ladybug Phobia?


Answer #1 | 15/06 2011 17:26
By realizing that ladybugs are probably the least harmful insect on the could live in Australia which is filled with poisonous tarantulas or the middle east with scorpions...
Answer #2 | 15/06 2011 17:34
I would start by holding a death one, I supposed you would not be scared of a dead insect. once you see one close by, you will notice that they are actually cute. If you feel comfortable with it, you may ask somebody to hold a live one close to you, it should not be difficult to start feeling more comfortable with it. I do that with my kids, once they see that the critters I am holding don't do anything, they feel more comfortable and now they aren't scared of almost anything.

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