How to get a guys attention?

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  • How to get a guys attention?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:01
I feel your frustration, your yearning for him, and the pain of wondering why his feelings changed. Well, perhaps you gave one clue, and that was he was your best friend once---and you didn't say anything about romantic feelings on his part. I honestly don't know what happens with our chemistry to make us attracted to some people and not others, but he thinks you are an attractive person but he's not attracted to you in a romantic way. You worked on some things together as friends, and I'm sad that he doesn't continue that friendship, but even if he did you might not be happy because it wouldn't necessarily be romantic. All you can do is be yourself; be kind; be caring; be friendly; approach him and just make pleasant conversation, and see where it goes. You can't make it happen---it must work both ways, but I want you to think enough of yourself to know that you are fine just the way you are---you do not have to jump through hoops to get his attention. You deserve more than that. Hugs to you.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 18:04
Ok well it sounds like you led him on for 2 years and he finally grew a set and moved on. Why do you want to get his attention? do you want to be be his gf or do you just want to lead him on some more? sounds more like an ego thing for you than a relationship thing for him. Tell me im wrong.
Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 18:10
You've probably heard this before but don't change your appearance or anything just to get his attention. He should like you for the real you. But try to talk to him to see what happened. Maybe he stopped talking to you because he likes you and he doesn't know how to say it. But good things to get his attention aree: 1: smile a lot. Guys love when a girl smiles. 2: wear less makeup (if you wear any) I know it sounds corny but hey natural beauty. 3: flirt he could just be shy and waiting for a little push 4: be happy with the way you look. Don't be too self conscious. 5: invite him over to do homework 6: walk by him in the hall 7: have a good sense of humor. Guys love it when a girl has humor 8: text him and ask him to hang out. 9: don't over text Andd 10: (only if your brave) tell him how you feel because he could feel the same way but be too shy. Well hope that helped and Good luck! Let me know how it worked Merry Christmas :)
Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 19:46
If I were you I would show him a better side of you! Be really cool and fun around him. Look really pretty when you see him. Start talking to him more. Start showing him you like him. You could even tell him and he'll think it's cute. But don't go too far, he needs to show he likes you too and if he doesn't then I would forget it! :)
Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 20:10
by any chance during junior yeaqr, did he start doing all those things he did with you do with someone else? or he noticed that maybe you changed or something was different about you. usually guys think a girl has changed or something, lol but talk to him like you use to talk with him, trust me dont give up, it seem like he was interested in you, sometimes us girls have to make the first move,

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