How to get a flat stomach?

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  • How to get a flat stomach?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 15:20
The flab is the fat. TO get rid of fat you must to cardio. Cardio is when you basically run for around 30 minutes. What happens is, when you use up your glucose in respiration. So that means your liver will break down glycogen so you will use glucose. Then your glucose levels will run low...this means you will start respiring other than glucose...which is fats - this is what you want to respire. This is why you must do cardio for more than 25 minutes...because it takes time. And another point is starving people will respire glucose...then fats...and then proteins (from their muscles) which is why you often see starving people with very skinny arms and legs. Another thing is don't bother doing crunches or sit ups etc because they only tone up the muscle UNDERNEATH your fat (if you have fat you won't see it). I think you should do around 30 minutes for like 5 times in a week for around 3 months..and then you will get fantastic stomach! But the hard thing here is motivation! Good luck =]
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