How to find lost family history/surname?

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  • How to find lost family history/surname?


Answer #1 | 17/12 2013 17:29
I sympathize with your situation. My maternal grandfather has been a dead end, brick wall for all these years (24) that I have been engrossed in genealogy. However, I have to take exception with your comment "I can't do any family history/genealogy research because my family lost." How so? You have 7 other great-great grandparents who are as much an ancestor as the one that is a dead end. Why can't can't you work on their lines?
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Answer #2 | 18/12 2013 04:48
If you ancestor was 'found' as a child then no you can't research that line any further and you don't research via surnames and guess work anyway you research via records and that starts with you...... you have 16 great-great grandparent so that is only one line, you have 15 more lines that you can research and that is what you need to do............. regardless of who we are we all have lines that come to an end, yours comes to an end with him, some do not get back that far......... No one will know about him an his situation and I think you are going on family stories and not research and many family stories are no more than fairy stories once you research write down that story then forget it and research and prove via records, not hearsay and guess work, you never know what you will find until you do................... Do your groundwork first or you just won't know who you are looking for, where they are from and if who you do find are your ancestors or not. Collect all the information you have in your own home and in your living relations homes is the first place to start , its free and it will encourage your family to look for more and help you, it teaches you the principles and good habit of record research and the details you can find on records while there are still people alive to ask further questions of, which helps you later on as you are familiar with records, understand what can be found on them, you understand the importance of citing your research to prove what you have found and can generally see very clearly the very basic mistakes/errors that many people make by only trusting online resources, especially when one mistake can mean you are no longer researching your family. These records are primary information, so it is more likely to be correct and you will achieve an impressive start with your family tree, also learn/hear a lot about your family which will help you when you do start looking at records in the Records Office or on Internet cited databases. These are your best resources by far living people and the records they hold, FREE, primary and will get you back 3-5 generations of proved, cited ancestry which is a great foundation for your research.
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Answer #3 | 17/12 2013 21:53
Have you taken a Y-DNA test or an Autosomal DNA test? The Y-DNA test can help you discover your father-line but only if you take the right test with the right company. I suggest a minimum 37 marker Y-DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA (currently on sale through December). They have by far the largest database and the most accurate results. Then upload your results to the free database, Y-Search. Hopefully you will match a number of men with a common surname. At that point, join the Surname Project for that name and the project administrators can help you with further research. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes years for another distant cousin to test, so you need to be patient.
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