How to find a relative's specific place of birth?

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  • How to find a relative's specific place of birth?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 01:44
The first place I would look if they immigrated in the 1920s is the 1901 and 1911 Irish census which covers the whole of Ireland, you know their name, approximate age and they say the free sate, so you know it is Ireland and that census is online, free and also has images of the real census returns........ you may find that there are several people who have the same full name so you will need to be a little creative in using the information you have with regards to their age, it does 5- or+ years so check out any other census in the USA ( 1930-1920) so you have as much info as possible and then just note the names of any children they had too as often these are repeating patterns from past generations which could give you more clues to go on..................
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Answer #2 | 20/12 2013 15:06
Don't put too much trust In the census. It has my grandfather, whose family tree goes back to the Mayflower, born in the "Irish Free State", which did not exist when he was born. In fact, he was married and had a son when the Irish Free State came into existence. His wife is listed by her middle name in one census. And my other grandmother is listed in two censuses by her nickname.
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Answer #3 | 19/12 2013 23:41
You could order a copy of their death certificates from the Health or Vital Records department of the state where they died. Death certificates usually include the person's place of birth, and it may give you a more specific location in Ireland. Their children's death records might also list their parents' place of birth. You could look for their obituaries in the newspaper, which you can usually find on microfilm at the local library. If you're lucky, you may find it online. Obituaries sometimes mention a place of birth. Have you visited their graves? Tombstone inscriptions sometimes include a birthplace. Several of my Irish ancestors' tombstones include "Native of County Tipperary, Ireland." If they lived long enough to apply for social security, you could try to get a copy of their social security application, which would have asked for their place of birth. If they became U.S. citizens, you can order a copy of their naturalization records. Depending on the year they were naturalized, it may give you a specific hometown in Ireland. If you know what church they attended, you could see if the church has an archive of old bulletins or newsletters, where you might find a memorial to your ancestors when they died. Memorials are usually a little more detailed than obituaries and may include a county or city of birth. If you have an exact birthdate for your ancestor, along with his parents' names and/or any siblings, you can search some of the Irish databases, such as, for a birth record in Ireland.
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