How to fill/change the transmission fluid on my '91 Acura Legend?

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  • How to fill/change the transmission fluid on my '91 Acura Legend?


Answer #1 | 29/11 2013 05:07
If it is light red, you do not have to change it. Drive it for half an hour, then stop and park on a level ground. Go through all the gears, switching every 10 secs then put in park. Open hood and take out the dipstick. Wipe it down. Put it back then take it out again and look for the level. It should be at the H or number 3 mark. if low, service it through the dipstick hole. Consult your manual for the proper fluid. My unsolicited advice: if you are not having transmission issues or you do not see any leaks, leave the transmission alone. Repairing it will cost more than what your car is worth.
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Answer #2 | 29/11 2013 07:54
If you plan on servicing the transmission you'll need a 3/8 drive ratchet . Use the ratchet to remove the drain plug. Drain the fluid, install the drain plug, and fill with Authentic Honda Automatic Transmission Fluid. 3 Quarts is all you'll need. If you use Dexron Transmission fluid you may experience Harsh erratic shifting. You can't replace the filter without taking the transmission apart, and Honda/Acura recommends NOT flushing the transmission. Good luck and hope this helps.
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