How to deal with local Dining/Restaurant culture?

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  • How to deal with local Dining/Restaurant culture?


Answer #1 | 28/04 2011 21:26
People just go there for fast service and cheap food, trust me, if everyone had the money to eat out at a fancy restaurant, in a couple years, people would be saying "McWho?".
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Answer #2 | 29/04 2011 03:00
do roman as romans do
Answer #3 | 29/04 2011 07:33
As a former chef myself and having worked in a few places that did not fare well like a take-out Seafood business, sort of like a pizza delivery but with $30 dinners and 3 lb lobsters at $50+. For what your looking at doing it is best to do a market study, this will cost you a couple of hundred dollars to print up a small questionnaire, a stamped return envelope and it may only result is a few coming back, but it would give the area, city and neighbourhood incite for this place, also is there anything like it where your looking, here in Toronto we have 5-8 types like your idea, if it is a takeout place it may fare better as you can concentrate on the food, and if it catches on then a full service restaurant down the line, if you want to pick my brain, just drop me a line through my profile and I will help were I can, Good Luck with your venture.

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