How to deal with a name-calling neighbor??

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  • How to deal with a name-calling neighbor??


Answer #1 | 05/04 2008 20:51
Ignore them totally and when they see that they are not getting to you they will stop.
Answer #2 | 05/04 2008 21:10
lets just put up a fence
Answer #3 | 05/04 2008 21:21
They've always been well known trouble makers. Just ignore them, they'll take their country and go home eventually.
Answer #4 | 06/04 2008 07:22
Coincidentally, Wonder also has a foul-mouthed neighbor who lives in Gualeguaychu. Wonder suggests breaking into your neighbor's home and pouring 4 pounds of salt into his cherry-flavored Kool-Aid. Also, try picking some scabs off of your body (or the body of a neighborhood child - they are always very scabby) and leaving the crusty scabs in his freshly washed bed linens. That will really get him good. <------ evil genius
Answer #5 | 06/04 2008 15:41
I hear they're purchasing some old Russian Submarines... Or is that Brazil? (I have no idea why I just mentioned that...)
Answer #6 | 06/04 2008 08:22
I thought Paraguay owned them, wanted to trade them for a new Ford pick-up truck.

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