how to cook Fried Chicken?

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  • how to cook Fried Chicken?


Answer #1 | 04/12 2009 22:33
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Answer #2 | 04/12 2009 22:44
Cut the chicken in pieces, wash the chicken. Put some flour in a bowl along with pepper and salt and garlic, mix with a fork In a seperate bowl scramble a couple of eggs Put each piece of chicken into the egg mixture and coat the whole piece evenly. Put the chicken with egg into the flour and roll it around until completely covered. In a deep skillet put shortening or lard so that when melted it fills half the pan. Heat the shortening until it melts and test the heat by putting an end of a chicken piece into the oil and it sizzles and bubbles form around it. Then place the entire piece in the pan and add the others until the skillet is full. Cover the pan with a lid. If the oil pops and splatters then turn the burner down. Once the side of the chicken that is in the oil turns brown the flip each piece over. Once the second side is brown then remove and drain on a paper towel. All done.
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