How to ask for dairy free products in Spanish, like in a restaurant?

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  • How to ask for dairy free products in Spanish, like in a restaurant?


Answer #1 | 05/07 2008 07:32
I think what you mean to say is 'Deslactosada' but I really dont know if i'm right because I speak latinoamerican spanish.
Answer #2 | 05/07 2008 23:14
To ask which of their dishes contain dairy products you can say: "¿Cuáles de sus platos contiene productos lácteos? " Or, to simply request dairy-free dishes, you can say: "No productos lácteos, por favor. Muchisimas gracias."
Answer #3 | 05/07 2008 17:36
"productos sin abarotes" free dairy products
Answer #4 | 06/07 2008 23:48
Honestly, not too many dishes contain milk products...If there isn't a cream sauce, or cheese in or on it, you should be okay. Are you vegan? or lactose intolerant? or is it Kashrut? I can give you a pretty good list of what you could order, if I knew what your reason is...I don't think ABAROTES is dairy or milk understanding was that that meant groceries, and that's mexican, anyway. Sin productos de leche. Is how I would ask. Or "libre de productos de lechería". It's literal, but it will be understood. Lechería-liberta is what free-translation comes up with...looks good.
Answer #5 | 07/07 2008 05:40
Productos sin lactosa =)
Answer #6 | 09/07 2008 19:25
lecheria = dairy
Answer #7 | 09/07 2008 15:26
Quiero productos sin lactosa "I want products without milk"
Answer #8 | 08/07 2008 13:50
I would say "No puedo tomar productos lecheria ni huevos," --I can't eat milk products or eggs." Though the "I'm Spanish" poster's suggestion probably covers it, too.

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