how to ask a person to buy my domain name?

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  • how to ask a person to buy my domain name?


Answer #1 | 10/10 2013 13:23
Instructions 1 Decide by which method you are going to sell your domain. You can auction it off at sites like eBay. You can also use sites that sell your domain. These sites often take a percentage of the price you receive for your domain. 2 Set a price for the domain. Domains that are established and have back links go for higher prices than domains that have never actively been used. Be sure to figure in fees and commissions. You can order domain appraisals to see how much that domain name is worth. 3 Change the "Whois" for the domain. The "Whois" is where the owner's name and information is listed. Anyone has access to this information. 4 Promote the domain name. Regardless of how you are selling the domain, let people know you are selling it. The more people that know you are selling a domain, the greater your chances of selling it at the asked-for price. 5 Answer all inquiries. Even if the person asks if you will accept a price lower than you will take. Answer the inquiry giving the information and what you will accept. 6 Keep an open mind. Selling domain names is a very specific business. Asking for help and advice from others who have done it before may gain you very useful information. 7 Promptly transfer the domain name once you have sold it. Your registrar, such as GoDaddy, will walk you through these steps. Promptly transferring the domain to its new owner will ensure you have a satisfied customer and good ratings.
anonymous | 30/06 2014 13:56
No need to ask any person to buy your own doamin name . First, you have to choose n ideal domain name for your website . After that, you can check whether it is available to register or not by using the site with free of cost . If a domain name is already owned by someone, the message shows that the domain name is already registered . If the domain name is not owned by anyone, you can get a message congratulations! you can buy this domain name like that . If this message came, you can buy the domain name from the above provider at affordable cost .

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