How to apply concealer?

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  • How to apply concealer?


Answer #1 | 30/12 2013 23:53
Videos on youtube will explain !
Answer #2 | 30/12 2013 23:56
The best way would be to dab the concealer with your finger and then use a beauty blender to spread it evenly.. I wouldn't recommend a brush because it leaves stroke marks on your face so a beauty blender is the best way to go! hope I've answered your question :)
Answer #3 | 30/12 2013 23:54
Either:) If you do use your finger make sure it's your ring finger because it is the most gentle on your delicate eye area. A beauty blender does the same job!
Answer #4 | 31/12 2013 00:00
Fingers: pat and hold for a second. It melts the product into your skin Beauty blender: damp it with Luke warm water so it won't absorb too much product. Then Dab
Answer #5 | 31/12 2013 00:00
search on web
Answer #6 | 31/12 2013 03:40
Either or! Personally, myself as well as many other people, would prefer fingers for concealer. Concealer does exactly what it's called- it conceals. It's meant for heavy coverage. Using some kind of blending device will spread the product around and pretty much have it sit there. Using your fingers will provide much better coverage and ensure that the product will stay on and do its job. Your fingers are naturally warm, obviously, and that warmth will sort of soften and "melt" the concealer, and press nicely and evenly into your skin. It'll look a lot more natural and do you wonders. :)
Answer #7 | 31/12 2013 02:28
I find fingers better. The warmth of your fingers helps the concealer melt better into your skin.

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