how should you break up a jail relationship with out hurting him more.....?

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  • how should you break up a jail relationship with out hurting him more.....?


Answer #1 | 14/06 2006 21:52
Just remind yourself why he is in's time to say good bye!!!
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Answer #2 | 14/06 2006 21:53
I've been there. There's no getting around it. You either do it over the phone or in a letter. Personally, I think over the phone is best. If things don't go over well send a letter and try to better explain why you feel like you do. Just try and be as sensitive as possible.
Answer #3 | 14/06 2006 21:54
Did he consider that he was hurting you when he committed whatever crime he committed to get him put in jail in the first place?
Answer #4 | 14/06 2006 21:57
In my opinon the best way to break up a jail relationship is to tell the person how much you care for them, but you can no longer live this way. You need someone that will be there for you, someone to hold you, always there when you need them. And him/her being locked up cant help you out with any of your needs. Also make sure to tell the person that when they get out that you MAY be able to restart whatever it was you all were doing before they were sentenced to jail. But you do not have to restart your life with the person if you do not want to. Make sure you make that plain and clear!!!!!!!
Answer #5 | 14/06 2006 22:07
Think about why he's in jail. Even if it's something you consider minor, the jury obviously didn't think so. You know he's not a keeper, probably because he's in jail. If he's not a keeper, then why worry about his feelings?
Answer #6 | 14/06 2006 22:05
Well,there are two ways you can look at it?You were with before he went in right?depending on the lenght of time he has,years or life!he shouldn,t have a prob with letting you go.Or since he isn,t home right now,you have found another focust in your life for a better which is cool,i think!or you just plain,don,t feel for him anymore,,Simply,be truthful within self of your choice,and right or phone when he do,preferablely write to him and express how you feel regards too,now,two things either he will hate your guts,call you every name under the sun,but he will one day understand more of your reasons for doing so,Honey!you can,t hurt him no more!then he has already hurted himself?Seems!like you can,t take long distance or the patience!however?it may be for the best!keep your head up,!!!

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