how should i tell my boyfriend i want to get back with him after i'm the one who broke up with him!?

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  • how should i tell my boyfriend i want to get back with him after i'm the one who broke up with him!?


Answer #1 | 19/06 2006 15:39
Answer #2 | 19/06 2006 15:42
Did he quit smoking? Hate to say this but little things can cause big problems. If he did quit did he do it for you. Next time talk the problem over with the other person before breaking up. Also why do you want them back? Simple apologize and leave it at that. Don't get into getting back together until later.
Answer #3 | 19/06 2006 15:42
you should explain why you broke up with him and see if he is seeing anyone else. if he is not seeing anyone else you should ask him how he would feel about getting back together with you and tell him your sorry for brakeing up with him.
Answer #4 | 19/06 2006 15:39
Well, Just tell him! If he loves you he will understand, but personally I don't think he'll go back with you, after you broke up with him for something so stupid!
Answer #5 | 19/06 2006 15:39
It depends on how long you guy's were apart.
Answer #6 | 19/06 2006 15:44
First step is honesty, explain the situation and why you felt as if you needed time apart. If the love is genuine take it slow and work towards reconciling a relationship but don't push or rush him, the pain may still be fresh from the break-up and he may fear a recurrence from before replaying itself.
Answer #7 | 19/06 2006 16:09
Buy him a cartoon (or a dime bag) as a gift and tell him you are sorry. Tell him you want to smoke his little cigarette and he'll be back in your arms.
Answer #8 | 23/06 2006 00:49
just ask grow some nerves
Answer #9 | 22/06 2006 13:30
Tell him very softly and nicely that you are sorry and that you were wrong to break up with him. Do something nice for him, and tell him how you want to be back with him, and that you now understand why he does what he does. Dont grovel, cry, or beg him to take you back it just makes things uncomfortable.
Answer #10 | 22/06 2006 11:29
Umm Just tell him and hope he is still single or not enjoying life with out you
Answer #11 | 19/06 2006 18:28
just tell him. are you sure you can cope with the smoking now?

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