How should I end an email that I sent to a high school teacher concerning a homework question?

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  • How should I end an email that I sent to a high school teacher concerning a homework question?


Answer #1 | 10/01 2017 05:25
Thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate it.
Answer #2 | 15/01 2017 15:32
I could tell you if I was Abel too:-) The thing you need to keep in mind here is that the only people living on this planet were Adam and Eve and their children. During thise early times God allowed intermarraige between brothers and sisters all in order to populate this earth. Therefore the people of Nod were the children of these brothers and sisters. Also, people lived to 800 years in those days. So, you must not read it as it was wriiten in our time...but rather in those them loong days and nights. Genesis and The Pentatuagh was written over T I M E, as the Holy Spirit guided the scribes or writers who kept records.
Answer #3 | 10/01 2017 06:03
read the footnote
Answer #4 | 10/01 2017 05:30
A nod is vertical up and down movement of the head as in "yes" and shows agreement with, and a bit of respect. A rod is a term used to portray punishnent and disagreement with a a hint of disdain. So basically respect and agreement for the wise and the otherwise would obviously be foolish people. To them we give the rod. Punishment.

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