How much would a visit visa (tourist B2)from pakistan to the usa cost!?

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  • How much would a visit visa (tourist B2)from pakistan to the usa cost!?


Answer #1 | 29/04 2014 17:30
US$160.00 or Rs.16,000.00 ..
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Answer #2 | 01/05 2014 01:42
I can't support a show that exploits those teens and their babies for ratings and money.
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Answer #3 | 01/05 2014 01:33
Its a disgrace
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Answer #4 | 01/05 2014 01:50
I don't support it, but I did watch a few of the shows because for years now I've been aware of the pressure put on young women to keep their babies, and they have some very sentimental ideas of what that involves. I don't think it glamorizes unwed motherhood. Most of what I saw was young people fighting, or getting bored with each other and the girls mother forced into a much more active grandmotherhood than they were prepared for. As the teen girl wanted to go out with her friends as any teen would, and the baby didn't just not need care. I do think there was a sense of 'This isn't what I thought' even if they loved their babies. And that is a good thing.
Answer #5 | 01/05 2014 01:35
I support no reality TV.
Answer #6 | 01/05 2014 01:40
I didn't even know that was a show. It must be on one of those 24/7 redneck reality TV stations like A&E or the "History" (gag) Channel. Then again if it isn't on HBO, PBS or Comedy Central I don't watch it unless it's something unique like Cosmos.
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Answer #7 | 01/05 2014 01:37
I don't. I don't support any show that glamorizes children getting pregnant.
Answer #8 | 01/05 2014 01:35
I don't support idiots making moonshine but I watch that show. Maybe some girl will see how much work it is having a baby as a teen and decide to use a condom or keep her legs crossed on dates.
Answer #9 | 01/05 2014 01:39
I think it's pathetic that teenagers won't pay attention to any other form of media, but if it helps people to understand how difficult it is to have children it's fine by me.

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