How much should I price my used furniture at?

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  • How much should I price my used furniture at?


Answer #1 | 14/01 2014 09:50
1/3 the original price is what I usually start with on furniture.. in this case, that would be $233.. If I were you, I would mark it $300, and take $200.
Answer #2 | 14/01 2014 10:13
I can buy NEW for $699? That is NEW. And that is the price you found. I bet there are other stores that are even asking less. Yours is used. That simple. So half price and Maybe someone Might be interested and Maybe not. Maybe $150. Maybe you take to the dump yourself. It is also a bad time of the year as it is just after Christmas and everybody are just getting their bills on their Credit yeah, give it to the dog. I know the skidded marks on leather. Damaged surfaces. I can get NEW for CHEAPER. I would be silly to pay more for used damaged stuff...your movers did the damage. Don't you agree? That is just being realistic.
Answer #3 | 15/01 2014 09:57
You should price in between $150 to $200

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